Saturday, April 19, 2014

Change is Real

I can see the tree growing. I know it's growing, because yesterday I stared at it out my window and there were only buds on the branches. Now the tree is covered in small green leaves. It won't be long before I can no longer see across the street, for the thick sea of green leaves.

It's an amazing phenomena that happens in the spring every year. I've lived in this town for several years, but this is the first year I've had an intimate relationship with spring. I see the tree when I open the curtains when we wake up. I see the tree when we go outside to play. I see the tree when we come back inside again. I see the tree when we burst out the front door when Ben comes from work. I see the tree as the sun goes down and I close the curtains.

We stay-at-home mothers have a unique experience, because we spend so much time in one place. Many lament that it is boring, or find ways to get rid of the sameness, to make life speed up so the days don't seem so long. But slow gives us an amazing opportunity to see the details, to understand the cycle of life and in turn the Love of our Heavenly Father.

Change in slow motion. It's not a privilege afforded to the busy student or those who work long hours. To them spring is the blink of an eye. "Wait it's spring? Yeah I guess the trees do bloom this time of year." They don't get to see the slow, steady growth, the formation of the bud, the opening of the leaf. Hour by hour, morning by morning, day by day.

It has given me a lot of hope in growth I can have as a person. Remember when Cheyenne could barely talk, like Delaney? Remember when all Delaney could do was smile like Ephraim? Similarly, I hope to say, remember when I had that weakness? Remember when I chose more things that pulled me away from God than things that pull me close to Him?

I know now. Change is real. It is part of God's plan for us. It's a constant reminder every year the earth is reborn. Change is not a human phenomenon, it's a pattern that is God's. And when we decide to participate in it, we not only become better people, but actually shed of some of our people-ness and show more of the god-ness that we are.  

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