Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Strong Will, Determination, and Passion


I saw something today. Your dad brought home a new bike. You could not be happier. As soon as it was fixed up, you got right on and wanted to ride. It was a little bit difficult, sometimes you would try and pedal backwards and you would get stuck. I walked by you while you took your very first ride, down to Uncle Derek and Uncle Dillon's apartment. You got stuck quite a few times. "Do you want me to push you?" "No Mom." You rode and rode until the sun went down, you cried when it was time to come inside.

The next morning, you got up before the sun did. You were beaming. "Can I go ride my bike?" "No Cheyenne, it's still early out, you have to wait till 9:00." The wheels in your head were turning, always turning. Every few minutes you would ask. Yes, now it's time.

Your dad has a special gift. I believe that, literally, anything he sets his mind to he can do. You have that same fire in you. Don't ever let it burn out. I can see now, the positive effect it will have on your life (I may not have been able to see it when you were ripping apart my cupboards not too long ago). Your dad, his first adventure was a bike, too. He still talks fondly about how much riding a bike was a part of his childhood. Riding a bike, that was the first, of many things, he has figured out.

Go full speed ahead, my girl. There is nothing but greatness in you.


Someone who cares for you, and admires you for what you are
Your Mother

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  1. So smart to write this down. We love both of you so much. Mom and Dad