Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Meaningful Life: Buying Used

I grew up with a very modest lifestyle, which was a product of my dad's meager salary and a large family. Now that Ben & I have started our own family, while we don't have a huge salary, the culture we live in is a little bit different then it was back then. Most people skimp on the savings and splurge on the "extras" of life, regardless of income level.

It may not be that we will always make this salary. We could lose a job and make less, or hopefully someday make more. But I want my kids to grow up in a family culture where we don't place value on things. I want our children to learn that modest living is a sign of strength, and not of an indication of status.

One way I want to insure this is to put an emphasis on buying used.

Not everything we buy is used, for sure. But I want my children to know, regardless of income level, that "things" are not the focus here. And I think one way we can show this is by not subscribing to the idea that "new" is somehow required for every purchase. 

Happiness is no respecter of products. That's why you can find it in the hovels of Mexico or around the corner on your street. May we always keep this truth in our hearts.

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