Monday, January 27, 2014

The Newest Panama Missionaries

My parents successfully made it to Panama today to begin their long-anticipated missionary work. Follow their blog here. If all goes as planned, I won't see them again until July 2015.

As one of 11 children, out of necessity we have learned to be independent. Emails have always been a great source of strength for us all (and with good internet connection that should not change in Panama). But I will still feel the sting of their absence, maybe more so than other siblings since I live relatively close. However it brings me a lot of comfort to know how excited they are to be there. They've been hoping, praying, dreaming about this day for many, many years. I hope it is everything they've wished for and more. After so many years of focusing on their own chicks, they finally get to fly the coop and give their all to a different cause.

You've taught us chicks by example for all of our lives, so know that this example is not wasted on us. We will someday follow in your footsteps.


  1. How exciting! My husband served there! He loved the senior couples they had--as I'm sure the missionaries now will love your parents!

  2. That picture of Dad saluting is so typical Dad!