Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Lest anyone becomes confused, here is what an average day looks like around here.

70% of the time someone is screaming
      most of the time Delaney, because Cheyenne is physically hurting her or some other injustice
      the other part of the time Cheyenne is throwing a tantrum
      okay and save a little sliver for me
      the boy does next to nil screaming, I sincerely believe because of this promise he made me
20% of the time there is a moderate noise level or happy screaming
        this involves but is not limited to:
        instances where the girls are in separate rooms
        play that is banging things together
        obsessively hitting the washing machine with a spoon
        scream-a-thons at the kitchen table that end in laughing

Decibels on all said activities (both the 70% and the 20%) go up a couple notches in the afternoon, escalating at 5pm and sometimes peaking at 7pm if somebody is really tired

10% of the time everyone is happy

As a result of multiple costume changes throughout the day, Cheyenne has on this Sunday dress, backwards, with no shirt on. And unless I have convinced her today is a good day not to look homeless, her hair looks like this.

Despite what you may think, we all like each other and I like my job!

Let's end on a cute picture to brighten your day!


  1. You just described my day! Except we don't have the cute little one at the end yet. ;)

  2. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry reading this! Oh, Ashley! We just take it one day at a time...right?!

  3. ha! is this what joys i have to look forward to with multiple children? i guess i'd rather take it than leave it. what a blessing ephraim is to that mix!

  4. Ashley! We laughed and laughed and laughed all the way through this post. This is our life!! Thank you for stating it just like it is! And the best part is after they're finally in bed and you walk around and watch them sleeping. :) Then it's all worth it again. Thanks for posting!