Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Moving along

Playing at the tree with Cheyenne while I was still pregnant. We were looking for fairies.

Delaney is the latest fan of this backpack. And that hideous doll that has permanent marker on its face.

Our oldest daughter turned 3 on the 24th (yes, if you are doing the math, that means for four days we had a 2 year old, a 1 year old, and a newborn!). 3 is such a happy age. All the wonder and excitement of life is real to her and right at her fingertips. How lucky we are to be part of her world!

Thanksgiving at our house. However you will notice I was not in any of the cooking pictures. That's right, I didn't do ANY of the work! How's that for hosting? We sure had fun with three of my sisters, my little brother, and my parents here for the parties.

These girls love to play "Mary," and a favorite pasttime of both of them is hiding in that storage bench.


  1. What a fun Thanksgiving! Adorable baby, hot mama! and cute girls!

  2. Such cute kiddos! And glad that your Thanksgiving was so much fun (and that you didn't have to lift a finger!)