Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Baby's Quilt

I have a special relationship with my parents at this point in my life. I live within driving distance to their house, and occasionally in the last couple of years I have driven up there for some short visits. Just me and my babies. It's a rare opportunity to be one-on-one with your parents without your spouse, and it's especially rare in a family of 11. It also never happens that you are alone at their house, in their environment, almost like you are a kid again. It's a markedly different experience, and one I cherish and want to remember for years to come.

Comfort is the thing that comes to mind when I think of these experiences. Even the drive up there is a comfortable routine. My girls are quite good travelers at this age (and the right time of day), so all I need is a good book tape for me to listen to and some snacks to share and there will be little complaints. This time I listened to the book Cheap (where I found the first section, the history of cheap goods, especially fascinating).

Relaxation is the next thing that comes to mind. The end of this pregnancy has been quite taxing on me, and I've been debating back and forth with myself if I should go up to visit my parents. Ultimately I decided it would probably be more relaxing for me than bad for my health, and I was right. My parents take care of me and my children, and I have no obligations. I feel no judgment from them and don't stress about tiding up here or picking up there, which is definitely a major advantage to being on their playing field and not mine.

Unconditional love is the over-arching theme from their visits. I was trying to pin down exactly what it was that I cherished so much about going home. What made it so comfortable and relaxing? Was it the feel of the couches? The familiar-ness of the town? The cooking? Something about being a part of my parents' lives in their own environment screams love to me. I finally realized it's a mirror of what we will feel when we are back in our Heavenly Parents' presence: unconditional love. There won't be any time to stress about if we swept the floor before he came because it is His floor. We will be there on His terms, with nothing to distract us. We will be stripped down to the basics. His love is so powerful, not dependent on anything we have done or what we feel about ourselves, and we will feel his love just because we are His. The love of a parent for a child. What a blessing that we get a taste of that while on this earth.

Baby brother this quilt is a symbol of that love I feel for you. And a symbol of that same love your grandmother has for me. The very same love your Heavenly Parents feel for all of us, in its complete fullness.

It was a little bit of a headache a few times (which can all be attributed to your mother's poor sewing skills), but Grandma always comes in and saves the day. I followed this tutorial, and took some ideas from here as well.

Come soon, baby brother. We are all getting sick of you being stuck inside.


  1. Great job on the quilt. Are you using it as curtains, or why is it hung up? I feel the same way at Mom and Dad's house. Makes you want to be sure your kids will feel the same way about your house when they move away.

  2. Beth- I was just trying to find a place a put it where I could get the whole thing in the picture.