Saturday, October 19, 2013

Maiden Voyage

This post will seem utterly ridiculous to those of you who have always been members of the 21st century, but....

We got a dishwasher!!!!!!

We have been dishwasher-less since we have been married (make that nearly 4.5 years). No, I am not one of those noble types that wants to wash each dish by hand, or a very clean type who washes a dish every time I use them. My dishes come in piles. They cover up countertops. They sit for extended periods of time. Despite my best efforts to change this about myself (okay maybe not best efforts), I am still weak in this area. And since we moved upstairs, my kitchen is three times bigger (make that three times more places to pile up dishes). It was really getting out of hand. And with a newborn coming, I know I will not have the countless hours to scrub and inspect each dish. Or the emotional stamina. Luckily, it only took one week of kitchen duty to persuade Ben to my side.

Being as there has NEVER been a dishwasher in our 1930's kitchen, Ben had to rip out a whole section of cabinet (and therefore rebuild part of it, very soon).

 We decided to GO BIG or go home with quite the fancy model. We definitely don't always decide to do this, but I think in this particular case it was the right decision.

We waited with bated breath for the first load to finish. I threw in day old, crusted potato soup bowls and chocolate milk cups. I didn't even lift a scrub brush. "We can always do them over again, this is just to test it out," I told myself. Finally, it dinged. I wanted to cry as I opened the dishwasher. Through the steam I saw...
Beautiful, glistening dishes!

Ben and I inspected each one. "Could this be real?"
"Think of all the hours and physical exertion it would have taken to scrub that off! This is insane!"
I felt like a farmer who had seen a tractor for the first time. Honestly, I have never been so grateful for technology.

The time I have now. Although hand washing dishes allowed me to deeply understand the role of work in the home, I hope to use this extra time to finally get to things I have put off for a very very long time. Like cleaning the microwave. Or wiping down the fridge. Or sorting through cupboards. The possibilities (and the number of things I have neglected) are endless! May this be the beginning of a new life for me, and the closing of a chapter of a very dirty house.

I can't leave this post without giving a shout-out to this guy. He made everything possible. He redid all the wiring and the plumbing and tore everything out and will rebuild it all. But more than anything, I realized today, he did it because he loves me. I've been less than cordial to this good-hearted man in my emotional, crazy, pregnancy state today. Yet he kept on, shouldered his load and mine and installed a dishwasher. For me. It hard sometimes, this man-woman relationship, because we speak in two separate formats. I could write for hours about him, yet he speaks with his hands

I want to remember the feelings of this night. I want to be able to look back on this day, not to laugh and say "Can you believe I didn't have a dishwasher?" but to say, "Yes, I've kept that gratitude in my heart." Gratitude for technology, gratitude for work, and gratitude for the love of a husband. May I never take them for granted. 


  1. So happy for you! We lived without one for 4 years, and I LOVE having one again. It changes your life:)

  2. oh bless your soul. we went 4 months without having one in new jersey and i was like "i can't take this for 4 years!" we knew our nebraska place didn't have one so we bought a portable one that we wheel in and out of the kitchen. it's inconvenient to do that but not as inconvenient to not have one all together. therefore I AM SO HAPPY YOU HAVE A DISHWASHER!

  3. Yeah! It is amazing to have a dishwasher (we only went 1.5 years ... don't know how you did it for so long!). Way to go Ben!