Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pregnancy Glow

In our modern world, we are programmed to look for the negatives in pregnancy. I know because of I have participated in it. I have encouraged it. I have done my fair share of complaining.

In the short 4 years we've been married, I have already been pregnant about 2 years of it. And I imagine I will be pregnant a few more years of my life before it is all said and done.

I want to find things to be grateful for. I want to find peace in my life. True happiness. Joy, as our Father originally planned.

God has revealed to me, that in my specific circumstance, I need to look in the places I think most unlikely. House work, childcare, pregnancy. Things that appear meaningless or hard to the untrained eye (and interestingly, happen to be the majority of my daily tasks).

I want to record one gift God has given me during pregnancy. I have thought about it before, but only in the context of, "Well that's nice, but I also have this, this, and this to worry about." Hopefully by recording it here I can start to change my own attitudes towards this blessing of pregnancy.

When I am pregnant, I have what is called "the pregnancy glow." I first noticed it when I was pregnant with Cheyenne. My skin clears up a little bit and has a natural glow. My hair grows thick and dark from my head. My skin begins to tighten around my growing belly. My natural beauty is at its peak. Not all women have this phenomenon. But I know with God's help, each woman could find something God has blessed them with during pregnancy. For Job did not have a twin sister, you know.

I don't want my children to dwell on the tired momma or the messy house from the pregnancies of their siblings. I want them to remember Mom at her finest. And with two kids under the age of remembering from conscious memory, I have a special job to fill in that space.

"That was my mom when she was young."

"That was my mom when she carried my little brother."

"What was it like, Momma? Will I carry babies too?"

"What was it like? Will it hurt?"

No, it won't hurt when love grows in you. You will be blessed more than you can imagine.


  1. You do look gorgeous Ashley! Congrats!

  2. Ashley, I just LOVE reading your blog. You always make me feel better/ spiritually uplifted. THANK YOU!

  3. Gorgeous! You are such a wonderful mom Ash- you inspire me!