Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moving up

Our favorite upstairs renters recently bought a house. With our third child on his way, we decided it was time to move upstairs.

We bought our lovely old duplex in July of 2011. I fell in love with the big kitchen, the fireplace, the original hardwood floor and windows, and its unique charm and history. But we really couldn't justify all the space with just one 9 month old daughter.

Ben suggested we live in the basement, which I laughed at. It definitely had "student status." It was dinky and dark, suffocating to my free spirit. I wouldn't have chosen to live there myself. But we knew it would be the best financial decision, so I agreed. Truth be told, it probably caused us to save somewhere close to $5000 over the course of two years, so it was well worth the sacrifice.

And really, we could have fit three kids down there, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that it was starting to effect my emotional health.

But I will never forget what I learned down there. Lessons about how much happier you can be with less stuff, about how America thinks space is a necessity, even if it goes unused, lessons about beauty, about the importance of going outside, and many more things.

On Saturday night I sat on the couch in our upstairs living room and looked around me. I thought about two years ago when I sat on that living room floor, harried from a rushed move, wondering if we had just bought a dump heap.

Now my attitude has changed. I was filled with rich gratitude. Now I have been deeply colored by my experience of living in the basement. I saw bounty all around me.  Too many cupboards to fill, space going unused, natural light no longer at a premium. It was almost a sacred experience, as tears came to my eyes. I felt unworthy for such a blessing, such a place to call "home."

Ben does not quite understand. But other stay-at-home moms will. Your home is so much more than a place to eat and sleep. It is your universe.

And my universe is filled with light. May I ever be grateful.

And the basement, before me moved:


  1. I COMPLETELY understand the need for light! It's BEAUTIFUL. And I LOVE how Cheyenne is trying to make the peace sign at the end of the video. ;) I think she and Gwenivere would have fun together!

  2. So true!! Home is your sanctuary! Welcome Home Dilsaver Family!