Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We've had a whirlwind last couple of weeks.

We started out with a fun visit from my sister's family and her kids. It was the first (and only) time we've ever fit 6 visitors here in our hobbit hole! Our girls are the same ages, so fun!

Cheyenne and cousin Eliza

Delaney & Katie

Then we were off to Idaho for the Joel Flake Family Reunion (all of my siblings).

My parents opened their mission call to Panama City, Panama.
Starting in January, they will be gone for 18 months teaching the word of God and helping people.

They have been excitedly anticipating this mission for a long time.
My mother made a daring choice to marry my dad, a mere three weeks before she was to begin her own mission (when young, only single men and women can serve, because families are our paramount responsibility). Instead she sent 8 missionaries out, my siblings, and reasoned she could go out when they were all grown. We are so happy and grateful that has now come to pass.

Other family reunion activities included riding horses

Make-up parties
Cheyenne and cousin Alice

And a crazy-hard hike
among many other activities.

We said goodbye to Idaho and two weeks later left for Ohio.
Yes, Cheyenne is confused and now calls them both "O-hida-ho."

We got to check out the new dairy and Jaylin's show cows, beautiful Jerseys.

Ben and Cheyenne went on lots of rides together around the dairy.

And Delaney got in lots of quality time with some girls who couldn't get enough of her.

Such cute girls. We love our cousins.

And we got in some quality time with Mom & Dad when we went to visit some church history sites.
The Kirtland Temple

And the Newel K. Whitney Store
(the ground is sloped)

The School of the Prophets, located in the back of the store. Sacred things happened here.

Ohio sure was beautiful, lush and green this time of year. 

We think it's so important to visit family, even if it's only once year. Grateful we had the opportunity to see so many of you this year!


  1. That is so exciting about your parents! My older brother served in that exact mission- they will love it.

  2. My grandparents just got back from that mission in December. They loved it. :)