Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Derek's birthday back in May. You get to hear us sing the birthday song again. Derek come back to us!!

Seeing my favorite teacher, Mr. Chesnut, at my little sister's high school graduation. He taught the last 4 of us Flakes history and government.

Outside is their favorite place to be

This year the old homes tour featured some of my favorite iconic houses in our town. Our favorite part of the tour this year was the original hexagonal tiles found in so many of the bathrooms. If only we had been so lucky!

Father's Day ice cream cake. Turned out awesome. Twix on top, a layer of crushed oreos inside, and brownies instead of cake. Do it.

My Father's Day princess. I can't get enough of that bald head.

A major, major event in our life. Much more on this later.

Love these two

I wanted to remember the night I fell in love with Ben a little more. Escapades in potty training Cheyenne lead to a whole roll of toilet paper down the toilet. Ben had to finally take the toilet off to fix the problem. Nothing says love to me more than being covered in toilet water.


Two bobbleheads

Bobbleheads in our new (to us) bike trailer.

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