Monday, June 3, 2013

I Love Having Two Kids

When I was pregnant with Delaney I knew that "someday" my kids would play together, and that "eventually" they would be great friends. I was not aware, however, how quickly I would love this new life, and how quickly the bond between them would be noticeable.

I have documented that transitioning to two kids was hard for me. But I don't want that to be the only thing on the record for having two kids. I LOVE having two kids and let me tell you why.

-I never intended to be a one-child parent, so I always felt a little bit uncomfortable in that stage. I am happy to report that this went away immediately once I had Delaney. I feel more at ease, more myself in my parenting style than I ever have in the past. I love it!

-I remember at about 6 months, the first time the girls laughed together. It was magical! Really, the feeling was something else. Ben and I just looked at each other and I thought to myself, "We are on to something here!" Parent love can never replace sibling relationships.

-They ALREADY play together and are inseparable. Neither of them are really in the stage where they actually engage and play with other kids, but both of them prefer to be with each other. Cheyenne is constantly asking me where Delaney is, and resents Delaney's naptime (sometimes to the point that she will go in and wake her up!). Delaney will look around for Cheyenne or go into the room she is in, just to be by her. Cheyenne has started to "read" to Delaney and try and put her on her lap. It is so cute! They stay up late making each other laugh. Those kids!

-I actually think life is easier with two kids. My style of stay-at-home mom life was built around having more than one child. So I feel my life is more full. I have less time to think about myself and get depressed. It's easier to make myself do things like traditions and schedules. I am less worried about little things and difficult stages. I am in general happier. Before I had Delaney, I thought the thing that would make me happy about two kids would be that they would be playmates. But God teaches us beautiful lessons and gives us great surprises, and I am happy to say I have found things to love about this stage even before my girls have become playmates.

Cupcake "jamas" and holding hands

Taking off the couch cushions and wearing diapers

Playing in Mom & Dad's bed


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  1. I Totally agree! It is so nice to have them be friends and brig hates nap time! In fact just today he went and stood outside the door of where Ellie was napping and fake laughed as hard as he could!