Monday, June 24, 2013

A Meaningful Life: Charitable Giving

I don't want to leave the "money" discussion without talking about charitable giving. Although I believe in being prudent and pinching pennies, I don't believe you should be prudent or calculated in giving to others.

As Mormons, we already give a ten percent tithe, which God blesses us abundantly for. I feel like money is such a fluid blessing, it's not something you earn but is more like something you have stewardship over. So I try to find ways in our life that we can give more, spread it around a little since it's not mine in the first place.

Ben and I hope to find a place for it in the way we do business, if we ever have the opportunity to own our own business. It includes how you treat people on a day-to-day basis. To me, charitable giving is not a one time event or just something to be "done," but is a part of who you are, and therefore permeates into every aspect of your life. A cycle of using and reusing, giving and being given to.

Some people think this is the government's responsibility, to spread around wealth. I see it as an individual responsibility as a disciple of Christ.

There are so many opportunities to give. Helping out a sibling. Passing down furniture. Giving a ride. Bringing dinners. Giving a thoughtful gift. Donating time. Simply giving money to someone you know in need. Just being more free with "your" resources. God has blessed us with so much, hasn't he? Every time I help someone I am reminded of what I have. And my gratitude for God's gifts, for my daily life, increases.

How grateful I am for the opportunity to give and learn from it.

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