Wednesday, June 19, 2013

4 Years

Today is our 4 year anniversary! We are driving up to Idaho today for a family reunion, but I wanted to post some things I had been thinking about, in honor of our special day.

This year one of the major ways my love for Ben has grown has been in admiration. I used to think admiration was a stepping stone to romantic love, just one step on the way to something more grand. But it has been more than that for me.

It has grown out of the daily struggle. Seeing him work and toil for us. Countless experiences that have added up to the "man" I see in front of me everyday.

It has put a unique spin on this "true love," "romantic love" I feel for Ben.

As a consequence my feelings for him are so much richer and deeper, multi-faceted.

It makes these feelings of love come automatically each time I see him.

There are so many things to admire about Ben. I admire his strengths, the things he is good at. I admire his loyalty to his family. His drive. I admire his skills and unique talents. So many things he is able to do, and to do well, that man! I feel honored to be his wife. He most certainly is my hero come to life.

And unlike the withering flames of attraction or reciprocal love that one can blindly focus on, this admiration grows stronger and stronger each passing year, it cannot be put out.

Oh how I cherish the man that is Ben Dilsaver!

Happy four years to the love of my life.


  1. Ashley, I love reason your blog posts- it is like reading something from Jane Austen or Louisa may Alcott:) you have talent! Congrats on four years!

  2. Happy anniversary! And also congrats on the baby boy on the way. Exciting! Have fun at your family reunion. :)