Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sister Haley

My sister Haley and I have a long history. As the oldest of our trio (Haley, Whitney, and Ashley), she made up a lot of the stuff we did. My most prominent memories are of the tapes we made of songs and jokes. "Christmas is always remembering" and "The green grass hill" are classics. Not only were we inseparable playmates as young kids (along with my sister Whitney), we then got to spend several quality years together as adults.

The summer after my freshman year I lived with my sister Haley (and our awesome roommate Erin Worthen). Then excluding one semester, we lived together for another 2 years until I got married. We always did awesome stuff together. We were known for our awesome dance parties. Most of my fun, single memories have Haley in them, doing things she planned: floating down the river, late night pool parties, hiking the Y to see the fireworks, numerous pancake parties, meeting on dark street corners at 6am to go running together and get poptarts at the gas station (her idea, obviously. If you know anything about Haley you know she'd do anything for treats!). Dinner groups, volunteering at her school, meeting up on campus running work errands, double dates, cousins dates, dollar movies, hot tub parties and sitting on Sam's dog, playing soccer with people we barely knew because Haley was "into" one of the guys, and the list goes on and on.

Then after I got married, Haley got married 9 months later and we continued to have fun times together with my brother Derek. Then she left me sister-less when they moved to Las Vegas. I forgive her. Hopefully someday she will move close by me again and all of our kids will be friends.

On to what I like about Haley and would like to emulate. This trait of Haley's I have admired for a long, long time. Haley is incredibly dedicated. She is incredibly consistent. She never stops. Ever.

When we were kids, Haley made a goal to read her scriptures every single day. And she did it. In fact, if you ask her now she still hasn't missed a day. Same with writing in her journal.

Haley has never considered herself bright. She struggled somewhat in college because of this perception of herself. But she persevered. She never gave up. And she graduated from a university she was not sure she was "smart enough" to get in to.

Haley never considered herself athletic, she never played sports or actually even exercised in high school. After she graduated from college, she decided to run a marathon. I tear up just thinking about it. I remember because I lived with her during all the training. I remember the day she came home from running 13 miles. I was amazed. This girl, who'd never touched a sport in her life was an athlete! And she did run that marathon. Even though she was hurting and had ever other ailment, she never stopped, never walked, never gave up, and she finished.

Haley would want me to go running with her in the mornings. Like most people, I started out strong, but would eventually succom to my warm bed by the end of the semester. Not Haley. She said she was going to go running everyday before work, and she did. Even if it was shuffling in the snow.

Haley had some baby weight to lose after she had Emily (Haley never has been and never will be fat). We sisters had a weight loss club that included no sweets. Anyone who knows Haley knows all about her sweet tooth (in fact, I distinctly remember visiting Haley at her school one time and she was having a big bag of M&M's as her lunch). But Haley doesn't cheat. She followed all the rules exactly (and even some optional ones) and easily met her goal weight.

It doesn't matter what Haley sets out to do, you are guaranteed she will do it. She is richly blessed for her consistent obedience and this godly quality of never, ever giving up. May we all choose to be more like her.

Happy Birthday Haley!


  1. So true - Haley is so dedicated and so consistent! If we were all like her, what a much better world this would be.

  2. Thanks Ashley. That was really nice.