Monday, May 27, 2013

Los Cabos, Mexico

We feel really blessed that we got to go on this vacation to Los Cabos, and that we have a wonderful family who were willing to watch our children.

We got to go to a resort in Mexico with all of Ben's coworkers and boss.
I know it's important to spend time in your marriage away from your children, and we were lucky this time that it was facilitated by the company Ben works for. And what a picturesque place for a getaway!

The beauty of this earth amazes me. No matter where you go, God has found a way to remind us he has created this beautiful world for us.
And how grateful I am for resorts that allow you to enjoy this beauty. I mean this was the view from our room

It was so fun to be together

My favorite part was probably the first night when we sat on the beach together and watched the sun go down, with a beautiful balmy breeze and the waves crashing along the shore.

And Mexico wouldn't be complete without experiencing some of the culture.

Ben and a friend getting accosted by some peddlers. Ben is such a friendly guy, and loves to use his limited Spanish, he can't help but talk to these guys.

And they had a show one night that showcased traditional dances, which I loved. The dances were so lively and the colors so vibrant, so full of life.

We even got to go to church. None of us understood a word, but the Spirit of God is the same.

Thanks, Barcelo Los Cabos (I can still hear Ben sing-songing this phrase in my mind), you were good to us.

Although Mexico is a great "photo opportunity," I want it be said that I don't think you need to go to an exotic beach to rejuvenate your marriage or find relaxation and peace. I know that true peace and true satisfaction comes from inside, and is best facilitated by a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

And now, I am ready to get back to my babies.


  1. What a fun trip! You are so blessed you got to go. You look great!

  2. Hey Ashley! Just checking out your blog. Mexico looks like it was a blast. I need to be brave and leave my kids behind sometime...I'm such a baby!