Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brother Joel

Today my oldest brother Joel turns 37. My youngest sister is 18. That means my mom was bearing children for nearly 20 years!!

Joel's life is perfect. He returned home from his mission and met a beautiful woman. Shortly thereafter they were married. He graduated from college, then law school. He worked in the industry for a few years before he decided to work for himself. Now he is a very successful business man, with a dream house in the middle of nowhere, a STILL beautiful wife of 15 years, and 7 fantastic well-behaved children. Sounds like something out of a storybook am I right?

He has been richly blessed. Although I'm sure he has his share of trials just like the rest of us do. But he is someone you are glad to admit, "Yeah he's my brother." Not because of his apparent success, but because of what he is: He is just good.

One thing I really admire in him and would like to emulate is just that strong conviction he has, to be good. I was never a part of his growing up, his "coming of age," I don't know when he made this decision or if he has always been this way. But nearly all of my memories of Joel are of him and his growing family. I got to see them start their family traditions, to raise and grow their children, the rules they kept, the lifestyle they cultivated. It is quite a unique experience that most people do not get to have with their siblings and is something I cherish. To see the inception of a family, to see ideals and dreams begin, and then witness their fruition.

I am so grateful for my brother Joel. I hope that I too can choose to "be good" and stick with that conviction. Then hopefully someday I can pick that precious fruit that is ripe from hard work and dedication, as he has.


  1. Thanks Ashley. You are very kind. My life is far from perfect...but i have been very blessed...and i am surrounded by family and friends who love you.

  2. Ashley, that was very nice. Most people don't appreciate my husband very much. Everything you said was very kind and thoughtful. I'm glad you had the picture Natalie drew of him too :)