Friday, May 24, 2013

Brother Derek

I am actually on my way to sunny Mexico right now but today is my brother Derek's 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday Derek!

One thing I admire about Derek is how good he is at noticing the good in others, and especially how good he is at telling them. I struggle with complimenting and thanking others, I feel like it always comes out trite. That's one reason I decided to start these birthday posts, I feel so much more at ease writing out someone's good traits than telling them in person, because I can carefully plan it out.

Derek easily gives compliments. "Wow this dinner is great" "You look nice today" "Thank you so much for talking to me" and it's never canned or forced, always sincere and specific. He says those things that you think but never actually say to the person, for pride or forgetfulness. "You said exactly what I needed to hear" "This relationship means a lot to me." I remember him talking on the phone with my mom the other day and telling her, "Mom I never have thanked you for making our home life so rich and full. This class I am taking really made me realize what a wonderful job you did. Thank you."

His never-ending sincere compliments is probably one of the reasons people joke he is the "favorite" in the family. How could you not be when you easily show love to every member of your family? When you feel loved by someone, it is easy to respond in kind. Derek brings this out in people.

Although Derek is directly younger than me, we weren't close playmates as kids (remember I had my two older sisters, and Derek had a thick-and-thin little brother Dillon). When we moved to Horseshoe Bend, however, we had a chance to get close.

Because we went to a small high school, all the sports teams traveled on the same bus. So Derek and I got to ride together. We'd sit by each other and share friends and music and just have a good time. Games were on Fridays and after a long 3 hour bus ride home, we would come home and hang out with each other and our family.

After I left for college, our relationship actually continued to grow. I would be excited to come home and tell Derek all the wonderful things I loved about college and he could look forward to.

Now after his mission we drove back to Utah together, and we had a long life-changing conversation. We realized that spiritually we were at the same point, and though our experiences that led us there were very different and varied, we could now learn and help each other progress.

It is a relationship I cherish. A spot where we are so evenly matched, both of us speak freely and discuss things and hash things out. There's no 'one instructing the other,' it's learning together. I am grateful for my good friend Derek. May I follow his example.

This is the end of my siblings' birthday posts. Whew! 10 is a lot of posts! It was a fun ride. What great siblings I have! Here they are, in age order Joel, Sarah, Justin, Heather, Bethany, Haley, Whitney, Derek, Dillon, Cassidy

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