Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Prophet

God has not left us alone on this earth.

He has told us: Come, follow me. Pattern your life after mine. Jesus Christ is the ultimate example, and as we strive to be more like Him, the happier and more fulfilled we can become in this life.

God does not leave us alone today. Although Jesus Christ no longer walks among men, He has given us a prophet to help us back to Him.

This prophet is God's mouthpiece to his children, the one who will guide us in troubled times and tell us how Jesus Christ would have us live, what He would do if He were here.

I was so struck by our prophet's latest talk at our General Conference. He spoke on Truth and Obedience, and how strictly following the laws God has given us leads us to greater understanding of Truth.

I know this to be true. Especially in these past few years, I have realized what a huge impact 25 years of obedience has made on me. I have felt like my education in His word, doing the things he has asked, and leaning not to my own understanding has left me with a knowledge that is unshakable. A knowledge of His plan for us, a knowledge of what I need to do.

We cannot rely on our own understanding of what is "right." Are we not all infants in comparison to God's infinite understanding? And our loving Heavenly Father does not expect us to! He has given us apostles and prophets to lead the way.

I am so grateful for my knowledge of God and the person He has made me into.

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