Friday, April 19, 2013

Cheyenne's favorite storybook

I wanted to post Cheyenne's favorite book mostly because I love the illustrations. It reminds me of my favorite dollhouse with its rich, colorful pictures.

Let me apologize in advance for the appearance of the book. Although I bought this particular one new, Cheyenne is HARD on books. She tears things apart whenever I'm distracted. This includes furniture, clocks, dishes, and most recently my scriptures.
But without further ado...

Ben loves this materialistic line "He has a new car. Isn't it pretty?" Ha ha.

Look at that checker board floor! And I love the blue and yellow combo.

Her headscarf! Where's mine?
And how about that adorable chalkboard?

I'd love a play oven if I could find one as tiny and cute as that! And the doll high chair is too cute. And I love the mosaic tiles for the kitchen backsplash.

The doll furniture! So cute!

Ben and I have read this book to Cheyenne (or should I say "with her," see below) more times than I can count. We love the "little mommy" in our lives. She brings joy and happiness to our hearts.

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