Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brother Justin

I was excited to write Justin's post because there is an attribute of his that I have admired for years and am glad to have a forum to write it down.

It's fun to think about Justin because he was always this larger-than-life character in my mind. Of my older siblings, he is the oldest one I have recollection of living at home and having a relationship with. As a little kid, Justin was the perfect older brother. He loved to gather up all of us younger kids and think of creative things for us to do. I can distinctly see this picture in my mind of all of us shirtless with handkerchiefs tied around our heads, a great big "S" on each of our chests. Justin has been and always will be, full of fun.

But that's not even the thing I would like to talk about! What I love about Justin is that he is so good at sharing joy. I remember about a month or two after I got married, Justin called me just to chat. He asked me all about married life and how I liked it. And after each thing I would say about what made me love marriage, he would agree and add his own anecdote of how he had experienced that joy as well. There was no advice-giving, no "just you wait a few more years"-type negative stuff, just experiencing your joy with you and expressing his own joy. I remember after I had Cheyenne, I got a similar phone call. Justin is not your typical male in that he LOVES babies. We sat there on the phone for a good 45 minutes, with him telling me all the things that were so great about babies, and how lucky I was to be part of that happiness right then in my life.

One time Justin and I were driving to Texas together before I was married. I still remember vividly something he told me about his wife Kelsey. "When I'm not with her, I ache to be with her. I am constantly thinking about her. I want her sitting right here next to me. And this feeling never goes away. She is a part of me." From that expression of love, I grew hungry to experience this same joy. That is what is so AWESOME about Justin. He doesn't have to preach to you or tell you how to live your life. He just shows you what he has already found, and you yearn to find it as well.

Happy Birthday Justin!


  1. All so true. What a great optimist he is. I'm lucky to have him in my life. Although, he did wreck the car yesterday. :) I love him anyway.

  2. Ashley you are too nice. Thank you so much for the wonderful post. Justin

  3. Loved it! I cried! Great birthday tribute!