Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Meaningful Life: Living Below Your Means

When Ben and I were first married, I had a coworker, Lauren, who was a huge Dave Ramsey fan. She had two tickets to a big seminar he was giving in Salt Lake, and unfortunately she couldn't go. So she gave them to me. I actually had never even heard of Dave Ramsey, but we were interested and Ben and I decided to go. We walked away from that seminar with our wheels turning about savings and finance.

For Ben's birthday that year I bought him the Dave Ramsey book on CD, which we often listened to to remind ourselves what we wanted to accomplish in our finances. Then that Thanksgiving on our long drive up to Montana we listened to the book The Millionaire Next Door. These things made a deep impression on our minds about finance for our marriage.

In our church we are counseled to live within our means. Or in other words, spend less than you make. In our world of credit cards and self indulgence, this is very good counsel. Anyone can live an extravagant lifestyle regardless of whether they actually have the money or not.

But the lesson we have learned so far in our marriage and hope to carry on for many more years to come is about saving. Live below your means. Don't buy things you can "afford," but instead choose the least costly option always. And then you can make your money "work" for you.

This is something we discuss constantly. Working and reworking our plans. Before a purchase, financial move, or life phase. Tinkering with every idea, even the crazy ones. What are our financial goals? What are our dreams? In what ways can we save in order to get there?

We are not perfect at this, but I hope it's something we can remember for a long, long time and thereby accomplish our dreams and aspirations in life.

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  1. Cory is a HUGE Dave fan:-) Good for you guys. I will have to check out the millionaire book, I have heard about it several times now. Love reading your blog!