Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sister Bethany

Today is Bethany's birthday. Happy Day!

One attribute of Bethany's that I love and want to emulate has been brought out by their current status in life. They have had to move around a lot for different school and job responsibilities and are even moving in June to DC for an exciting summer internship. It has really allowed this quality in Bethany to shine: she is good at making friends, and is a great friend herself. When she moves to a new place, she gets right to work. Meeting people, making connections, seeing where she can get help and where she can give help in return. It is beautiful! She is somebody you would LOVE to have as a next door neighbor. You'd never worry about your kids hanging out with hers because you know her kids are taught good morals at home. She's not afraid to ask when she needs a favor, but would be more than willing to help you out in your time of need. She's interested in others and they in turn love her. You can't go back to one of Bethany's former homes without somebody singing her praises.

And I do too. Happy Birthday Bethany!

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  1. I have actually had the opportunity to be in a ward with Bethany and it's all true. She is a wonderfully friendly person. :)