Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A house like my dream house

It's still a long way off until Ben and I will ever get to build our dream house out in the country (that is, if that ever comes to pass. I understand life doesn't always turn out how you plan it).

One of my favorite websites is this one. She often showcases old, beautiful, or brilliantly done houses. I found one the other day that hits the mark on so many things I want in a house. Obviously I am still young, so what I want in a house could change over time, but it's still fun to dream.

One thing I love about old houses is that the spaces are very separate. However in most old homes the spaces are so tiny you feel like the walls are closing in on you. The great thing about this house is that the rooms are very separate, yet they still look big enough to give an open feel. I've never been able to show Ben what I mean by "separate but open" so this house is a rare treat.

The house is made out of brick, which is something Ben and I absolutely love about old houses. You don't see many all-brick houses as new construction these days. Siding is way cheaper and easier to put up, but in our dream world our house is made out of brick. This house (below) was built in 1906, and has the beautiful red brick.

This entryway is not my dream, I would opt for a more open entry that showcased the stairs. But I do love the sunrise window above the door, and that the door is flanked with windows. Also, the use of arches is just beautiful and gives a soft feel to the house.

I love big windows, and lots of them. I want the fireplace to be the focal point of the room, and love the paneling on the walls.

I LOVE this dining room. Isn't is just gorgeous with all that dark wood? I would love to have a formal dining room that made dinner feel like a special event, and the dark wood especially lends itself to formality. I also love the interior window. This is one reason this house has a "separate but open feel."

I am not in love with this kitchen, especially that table taking up the middle of the room. But I love the fact that has an old feel yet looks very new.

Lots of windows and BIG windows even in the kitchen! I love it.

This house was actually featured in a movie which explains this screen shot. I love the idea of a swing door from the kitchen to the dining room. It just screams "old school" to me. If you will notice you can see those french doors in the hallway which lead to the dining room (you can also see them well in the living room shot above), another feature that adds to the "separate but open" feel.

The master bedroom! I love that it has a fireplace in the bedroom, something that was completely necessary for heat back then but now you hardly see it. His and hers lamps mounted to the wall, also and old school detail that I love. Nice big windows that open to let the breeze in.

Last but not least the library! I would love to have a library in my house, not an office but an actual library with floor-to-ceiling books. This one is on the smaller side, but it's cozy and has one of my favorite features...lots of windows!

My favorite way to see an old house is being used for its intended purpose: someone lives in it! Which happens to be the case with this house (above) in Dover, Massachusetts. And it's actually for sale! The only problem is that it cost 5.9 million dollars. But if any of you would like to buy it and let me come visit, I'd be happy to oblige. I told Ben he should take me to Massachusetts for our 5 year anniversary and then we can trick the realtor into giving us a tour (it's been on the market for several years already). A girl can dream!!

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