Monday, February 25, 2013

What's up

I love this kid.
Even on the days she dresses herself like this (most days) and puts her dress on backwards and refuses to wear anything else.

These two are great friends
My favorite thing to hear during the day is "Come on, baby." And then she tries to drag Delaney somewhere to play with her.

We got to watch these cute kids one night. Caleb is two months older than Delaney, Michael is six months older than Cheyenne.
They sure had fun with their playmates! So nice to have good friends around here.

Delaney 7 months (left) Cheyenne 7 months (right). Delaney is my wire-y baby, she's so skinny! Cheyenne probably had about 5 pounds on her by this point! The biggest difference I see is the head shape, Delaney has this narrow head to match her small body. Same cute button nose.

Cheyenne and her "temple" her dad helped her build.

It is so so fun to have two girls! We love it.


  1. So cute! Now that we have a girl, I totally "get" your posts... Girls have some spunk to them and man alive they can sure melt you! Fun fun

  2. Cute kids! I really miss you guys! Sorry that graduation is put off for a bit. We keep praying that he'll finish it soon and not have to worry about it for a while! Love you.