Friday, January 4, 2013

Old House Love

It's no secret that I love old houses (like our house, or try here and here), so it's fun for me to walk around our neighborhood. I took these photos back in the day when we went on walks every morning (and not when there was a foot of snow outside and it was 5 degrees, like it is currently).

One of the things I love about old houses is the details. Fun colors or adornments, stained glass, or painted brick. Each house is so unique and reflects the style of the person who built it.

One of the things I love is a good side porch.
Why don't we engrave the date a house was built on it anymore? Gives it so much character. Really marks it as part of an era.
I love this porch (on the right). Rounded windows, the house number painted on glass above the door, and a quaint lamp post.

I love these windows and the color of the brick. A beautiful classic combination.

I love tree-lined driveways, or in this case, a tree-lined street. Big, beautiful mature trees (more of these trees here).

That crawling ivy gives this a timeless look.

That front door. Etched windows. Columns. Roof adornments.

I love this. Every time I see this house I think "The Great Gatsby." Such a roaring 20's look.

This one is just too cute. Lace curtains are just the right touch. And if I remember correctly there are even functional shutters on the inside, a very old school detail.

I love the brick. Unique windows. 1930's door. A-frame columns. 2nd story porch.

The cutest little treehouse is connected to this house (above). It looks perfectly intact. My only wish is that it is being used. That's how I prefer my history, being enjoyed rather than stored.

The character! And brickwork. Oh how I love brickwork.

Where's my bird bath?!

My neighbor's house. One of my favorites. Ben and I love these tall turn-of-the-century homes. They are usually even prettier on the inside. And I'm sure this one is well taken care of because the owners are this cute old couple who have been married for 70 years (yes I said 70!).

I love this one. I love the style of the porch (I don't know what that's called). The color of the brick. The rounded glass in the front door, and a staircase visible through it. And this sunrise window (upper left). Beautiful stained glass. This one is on a quiet street, tucked away. It's fun to imagine what life looked like when this house was built.


  1. Ahh I recognize so many of those homes! Makes me miss Provo:)

  2. Bravo on all your correct usage of terms and dates! We must be kindred spirits :)

  3. First off, these pictures are beautiful. 2ndly I have the same love for architecture in old and classic homes so I loved this. AND last I miss Provo through these pics! I can remember them each individually from my walks and am glad you have it documented. <3