Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Romance

I remember when I was younger thinking that romance was something that only happened in movies. That what was displayed on the screen was not real life, and therefore not attainable. That you had to look like a movie star in order to have these beautiful experiences.

Well, it's not true.

I am the mother of girls, and I see that as a great responsibility. I don't want to leave their education to novels and television screens. I want them to learn from what is before their own eyes.

I have a romance, and it is the stuff of fairy tales. I feel for Ben what any sappy girl in a romantic comedy feels for any ridiculous boy in a romantic comedy, only ours is real. It is true.

I love Ben's hair when it's short and trimmed, I think it makes him look young, like a soldier in a WWII movie.

I love it when it's long and it has a little bit of a wave to it, and I can run my fingers through it. I love it when it's wet and it starts to curl.

I love his soft eyes and his unkempt eyebrows, it says "man" to me. And his eyes speak of the kind person that he really is.

I love it when he has a little bit of scruff and his face is rough. I love reaching over at night and feeling that, and knowing that I have a man, a protector, by my side.

I love his freckly skin and his fair complexion, the reddish tint to his hair. I think of him as my mountain man, a burly back-woodsy Howard Keel in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

I love his broad shoulders and that he's "beefy" as I affectionately call him.

I love it when he's all dirty and tired. Hat hair and with callused hands from manual labor. There is nothing more attractive than a hard worker.

I know that real romance never dies.

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  1. Wow. That was hard to read without crying. Thanks for sharing.