Saturday, January 19, 2013

My favorite old toy

Speaking of old houses, one of my favorite old houses is this one.

(It looks like it's Delaney's favorite too. Only for different reasons)

I love old things, and I'm probably too nostalgic for my own good.
When I was searching for a good sturdy dollhouse for Cheyenne, I started looking on ebay for a good price. And lo and behold, I found the EXACT dollhouse we used to play with as kids!

There's so many things I love about this house, not to mention its sentimental value.
It looks like an illustration out of a storybook. Someone's imagination come to life. 
I love that it's a Tudor style house.
It has a working door bell! A cute little roll-up garage, and I even love that in the back the door is rounded for the dog.

I love this little girl peeking through the glass doors. And the rose bushes! You can totally imagine this house on some beautiful country estate in real life.

The little people bring back so many memories. And I love the cute little teddy bear in this crib.

The inside of the house has the most beautiful colorful illustrations.
I love the drawing of the train and the toyshelf in the toy room. And that rug!
The living room with it's cute fireplace and quaint 1970's television.

The bedroom with heart theme, like dressers and closets and table are too cute.
I love the old school kitchen, even the hardware on the cabinets. And the circluar fireplace in the kitchen is adorable!

Okay so I might like Cheyenne's toy more than she does, but if gets me excited to play with her than I guess it's doing its job.


  1. i grew up with the same one! my mom still has it for the grandkids to play with. i feel the sameway you do :)

  2. My mom just gave us SO MANY little people along with the club house and another building structure. They're a lot of fun. :)