Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lifestyle Changes

Right now my life is fatty. I wouldn't say excessively fatty, but there is definitely room for improvement. And that's what a New Year is for, right? A new beginning. Right now I am letting a few things slip away. A dollar here, a minute there. Time is lost, money is lost, teaching moments are lost. I am determined to not let life “just happen” to me.

These are "resolutions" I guess, but I am not interested in them just sitting on paper. I am planning on making these lifestyle changes.

Taken on a hike in beautiful Idaho several years ago.
I want to shave 15 lbs. off my "normal" weight. Most people wouldn't know it, but I've actually already shaved 7 lbs. off my normal weight since I've had Delaney. It is invigorating! Although no one can "tell," it's my little secret to confidence and better self esteem. Since I am still in my child bearing years, there's no guarantee that I'll weigh less on Dec. 31st than I did on Jan 1st, but I am hoping that by the middle of this year I will have hit my goal.

I want to effectively use our budget. We've had a good, working budget for the past couple of years and I love it. But I want to see if I can be more diligent this year, penny for penny, exactly in their assigned spots. I want to imagine my saved pennies buying me something grand, like a new camera or something.

I want to become a diligent mother-teacher, each day having sit-down instruction with Cheyenne. I'm not talking ABC's although that stuff is great. I'm talking letting the gospel change her life. I've been blessed to have the gospel change my life, and I want her to feel that. And I'm beginning to realize that, at this age, children love to be directly talked to. Her eyes light up any time we read a book together or I just sit and hold her and talk to her. Now is the perfect time to start sharing things from my heart with her.

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  1. Hey Ashley--cute blog! I like your goals, too. Those are some good ideas for me. Your girls are so cute in those boots!