Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Around here

Cheyenne's been really into boxes these days. And she WON'T do anything without her sister!
Some more of Cheyenne's tricks. The lettuce one: this literally happened in 2 seconds while my back was turned. The spinach is stored in one of those plastic containers that has a plastic ring around it before you open it. You know, the kind that you can only open with a sharp knife.
The headbands: These headbands and necklaces are stored in the cabinet behind her, yes with the lock on it. Nothing is a match for Cheyenne! I'm sure she thinks she looks pretty, though!

An outtake from this post. Those shoes still kill me. And they actually stay on! I guess it's payment for the fact that you actually have to buckle them and they are not velcro.
Cheyenne is a happy helper.
Nothing to boost your spirits in this dreary weather like fresh flowers.
Delaney wakes up happy, it is adorable. You can kind of see her two little teeth in this picture.

I can't leave Cheyenne's hair untamed these days.

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