Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ben's Iphone pics and Halloween

Our date nights lately have been going for drives. It's the easiest way to keep two kids contained, and Ben and I get to have some great talks. This particular date night we went to check out the construction on the Payson Temple.

We love having my younger brother live so close and having him over for Sunday dinner. Unfortunately our ceilings are a little....short here in the basement for my 6'3" brother. Cheyenne loves Uncle Derek!

At Ben's work dinner, three of us wives all had babies in July.
Here they are showcasing the "fruits" of our labors har har!

Cheyenne is a bit of a bruiser sometimes, so we thought it only fitting that she be Nacho Libre for Halloween. Delaney was the cutest kitten! I took Cheyenne around for her first time trick-or-treating. The weather was perfect and she loved it!

Our pumpkin carving was a little basic this year, we opted for a simple luminary design. We used a drill to poke the holes.

Carving our pumpkin

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  1. Nice blog Ash! I miss you and your family. Hope to see you soon.