Monday, November 26, 2012

A Montana Thanksgiving + Cheyenne's Birthday

If you're concerned that the Thanksgiving and Cheyenne's birthday posts will always be combined (like last year), no fear, Thanksgiving is super late next year so it should stop the trend.

We made our annual trek up to Montana to visit Ben's grandparents and it didn't disappoint. Did I mention that two kids means twice the fun?

And SOMEBODY I know turned two! I made her these delicious blueberry almond cupcakes (she loves blueberries and she loves cupcakes). Ben is still dreaming about them.

Love this little girl, despite her trying to run away from me in this pic.

The drive is gorgeous and is one of the reasons I love visiting Montana. 

On top of the mountain, there are trees as far as the eye can see. If I didn't have an incredibly lame camera, you might just be able to see the beauty that I see. It really is breath-taking.

I love towns like this, nestled up in the mountains.

We stopped quite a few times to feed Delaney. Cheyenne got in some quality time with her Dad. I loved this view from where I was sitting.

Ben got a gift from his grandpa-- this elk skin coat. It is totally awesome. He'd probably be embarrassed for me to say this but I think he looks like a rugged mountain man in it.