Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sister Cassidy

Cassidy is an amazing girl. We all love her. She's easily the sister with the most natural beauty. Soft green eyes that speak kindness, light brown hair the perfect thickness, beautiful complexion with a smattering of freckles, amazing skin that is naturally clear, a pretty smile, and a model oval face-shape that never carries any weight.

She yearns to be good. She want to know how to get there and always wants to make the right choice.

She's competitive at sports. Trying to beat a personal best or giving a girl a bloody nose in basketball :).

She loves babies. Being the youngest of 11 siblings, she's done her share of babysitting. She's what I think of when I think there is a little bit of "mother" in all women.

She's incredibly bright and a deep thinker. She's interested in how the mind works and processes things. The stuff she has figured out on her own are written in college textbooks.

She's compassionate for the outcast. She's happy to put her arms around those who are left out or alone.

She's an amazing friend and sister. She consistently reaches out to us, her siblings, connecting to us and keeping relationships strong. She's always the first one to give out positive reinforcement, write a missionary who is lonely, or start a conversation.

She's incredibly organized and clean. An anti-hoarder. I always thought it was kind of cute, but I would do good to learn from her. We don't need as much stuff as we think we do.

What a special sister we have. I'm always excited to spend time with Cassidy!

Happy Birthday Cassidy!

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  1. Thank you so much Ashley! I love your blog about me. You are a very nice sister too! Happy Halloween and I miss you! :)