Monday, September 17, 2012

Sno cones, Trips, and Cute Babies

To commemorate the end of summer, we went and got sno cones as a family a few weeks ago. 
You can tell Cheyenne really wanted to be in this picture

Yes, Cheyenne is RUNNING AWAY in this picture. Also, I like that Ben's sno cone is as big as Delaney's head.

Ben went out of town for a week and I got to visit some of my favorite people, including my cousin Kristen and "Cheyenne's twin" Allison. She is two weeks younger than Cheyenne. Looks like she converted her to her shoe fetish. Delaney had a SWEET blowout on my first time taking two kids on a road trip.

We love this tiny baby around here!


  1. CUTE-O! I love the part when Cheyenne was running away from the picture. Haha! :D


  2. Delaney is super cute! Good job on making cute kids. :)