Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why I Love Newborns

**WARNING: DO NOT read this if you are baby hungry**

Let’s talk about babies for a minute.

I have come to the realization in my life that I LOVE newborns. When I had my first, I didn’t realize it until it was gone. Then I would see a tiny baby and yearn to hold it. Sometimes I would ask complete strangers if I could hold their babies. Which is one reason Ben thinks I’m crazy.

This second time around, it has been so much more fun! I am actually enjoying the newborn stage. First of all, you are not so stressed about everything. You know you will eventually have normal sleeping habits. You know remedies to a lot of the problems you encountered the last time. You know that they grow so fast and you need to enjoy it a little more.

I was thinking the other day if it would be easiest if you could endure all of your kids’ newborn phases at once, just get it over with, like ripping off a band-aid. Then you would have just one year with no sleep and you could move on. But then I realized, as every year went on, you would yearn to hold that newborn again. That’s what’s so fun about experiencing the newborn phase over and over again, is you get to revel in it each time.

Ok but I’m off topic again. What is so great about newborns? Like most women, I love anything that is tiny. Miniature fingers, miniature feet, a tiny face, delicate features, it just doesn’t get any cuter than that. Pictures can’t really capture their tiny-ness. Even just looking at a newborn you can’t really feel how tiny they are. You hold them and they are lighter than air. And newborns have a specific smell. It’s a sweet smell that comes back to you every time you hold one. And lastly, the thing that can’t be replicated is the sweet sweet spirit surrounding a newborn. You have a sense of how precious, how recently they left their heavenly home. It’s a beautiful feeling. The crazy thing about the newborn stage is, it goes by so fast. They are only really a “newborn” for about a month. I guess it’s that way so you never feel totally fulfilled by it, it always leaves you wanting more (so you’re willing to have more children). I’ll admit that holding a newborn is dangerous. I always want one of my own after I’ve held somebody’s newborn, no matter how old my baby is. It never gets old holding a newborn. Then having your own that you can kiss and cuddle and look at as long as you want.