Monday, June 4, 2012


We made our annual trip out to the Midwest.

We saw sunsets like this

People we love like these guys

And these ones

And of course there was plenty of time for popsicles.

So yeah, you could say our trip was a success (if you could subtract the 4 hours of Cheyenne screaming on airplanes).

First stop: Des Moines, Iowa to see sweet baby Kate get blessed (I'm sure you'll enjoy this belly shot and look how nervous Cheyenne looks).

Cousins Eliza and Cheyenne (born 6 weeks apart).

We had fun with my sister Heather and her family and my brother Justin and his family. We even rented paddle boats and rode around the lake.

And a cool paddle bike. And Eliza was the mascot for one paddle boat.


Next stop: Elmwood, Illinois to visit Ben's family

We went to the zoo (Cheyenne with cousin Jaylyn)
Hung out in corn fields with Dilsaver cousins! (That's Cheyenne's swimsuit, if you were wondering. An adorable pink tutu from her Aunt Michelle).

Checked out the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL with Mom & Dad Dilsaver (I'm 33 weeks)

And obviously, just had a great time.

We love having the chance to visit family and always make it a priority. Until next year!


  1. so glad you posted a blog about your visit!! and thank you SO much for driving the extra way! You are a good sister...though I don't appreciate the bum shot.
    I like how the cousins pic with Flake cousins was wild and hectic but with Dilsaver cousins everyone was cute and happy!
    Can you send me your pics from the Iowa part of your trip?
    Stay cool with your col pop!

  2. Love that picture of CHeyenne at the zoo- I can finally see a little bit of you in there ash! Also, I like the man in period clothing casually hanging out in the background of your abe lincoln museum pic:)

  3. So glad we got to see you guys even if it was just for a short time.

  4. Great blog and pictures Ash! Hope to see you soon! :)