Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Meaningful Life-- T.V.

Growing up, I heard a story that kind of went like this (whether it's true or not I'm not quite sure).

One year my parents got all us kids together and said they were going to make a BIG purchase. They were either going to get us cable television or a trampoline.

We all unanimously voted for a trampoline, because, how fun is that? And let me tell you, I have a lot of good memories on the trampoline. Some nights Dad would get a bunch of blankets and we'd all lay out on the trampoline and look at the stars and he'd tell us stories. We'd have cousins over and sleep out on the trampoline and sneak out and go toilet papering late at night. When we had a pool, you would lay out on the warm trampoline to dry off without a towel. And then there's all the other great things: Crack the Egg, see who can bounce the highest, Blindman's Bluff, and all the other regular games.

But I digress. Anyway, so growing up I never had cable. I don't even remember watching Public Television, although we did watch it for a time I'm told. So my memories are only about movies. Lots and lots of movies.

For whatever reason, this was part of my childhood that I held dear to my heart. So when searching for a mate, one of my requirements was that they had to be ok with not having cable in our home. Ben was just such a man who bought into my crazy scheme.

It's not that I think T.V. is inherently evil, or that it will lead to every person's demise (although there are certainly some shows out there that will, I'm sure). There are plenty of shows out there that are uplifting, educational, or interesting. And in fact a lot of my siblings have tv programming of some sort in their home. So I guess I just turned out a little bit weird.

When I married Ben, he happened to be the owner of a projector (being single for a long time + saving up a lot of money = large purchases that you would never buy when you are married), so we never bought a T.V. We actually still don't own a tv. If we want to watch movies (which we don't really want to that often, it turns out), we'll pull out the projector if it's a big enough group. But mostly we just use our laptop.

So there you have it. Something that I think makes life meaningful is not owning a T.V.
Life is a lot more interesting this way.

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  1. We decided when we were dating that we didn't care to have cable either... but we do watch a lot of movies. (Although I try to be very discerning in our movies choices). Its something I've been thinking might start becoming a problem since Andy has been quoting Toy Story lately. Maybe we should cut back. Love the digital C-mas card:)