Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's Review

This post is just to confirm that Cheyenne looks nothing like me.

Me, age 6 months.

Cheyenne, age 7 months

Only similarities:
-She inherited my arm rolls! Nice!
-Maybe the nose
-Blue eyes are probably from the Flake side
-She does do that cute leg cross like I did, although not in this picture

We took these pics to commemorate our Last Sunday in a student married ward, and our last Sunday at this apartment complex. We have lived here the whole time we were married, so two years, and have loved our apartment and our ward. We are excited for the adventure that awaits us as we move this week into our own home! It's only 3 blocks south of where we live now, but hey, we will own it!

Ben making a weird face while feeding Cheyenne.