Thursday, January 20, 2011

The one where she coos and smiles

My little tiny girl is two months old. I'm surprised how much she's changed just in the short time we've had her. I just LOVE having a baby. I love hanging out with her, just the two of us. I think about her the whole time if we are ever apart. I can't wait to hold her when I get up. She is so sweet and precious and I'm so glad that, at the end of the day, I don't have to give her back to anybody!

She is starting to get CHUNKY, much to my delight!

Yes, she does make her mommy smile!

We love our little girl!

Looking at this picture, I don't really see the resemblance, do you? But I promise, she came out of me. I remember. She may look like Ben Dilsaver, but she has my temperament, it seems.

These two videos are especially for Sarah, but I'm sure everyone else will enjoy them too. Sarah tells me my baby always looks like she's scared or about to cry. This first one is of a very happy and smiley baby. But the second one, you're right Sarah, she has the cutest "about to cry" face.

Please excuse my "baby voice" is this video, I'm sure it's annoying, but isn't everybody's??
I especially love her "grunting" noises near the end, she sounds like Darth Vader.


  1. how cute! you look stunning in that picture Ash. Wow!

  2. She is cute and chunky. I love the crying one.

  3. so big! I still need to meet her! p.s. i think she has your eyes p.s.s. you look great Ash!!

  4. SHe is so cute! Can't wait to see her up close and personal! Give her lots of hugs and kisses from us!!!!