Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scrabble Slam

For Christmas Ben's sister Dannielle bought us a game called Scrabble Slam. We love it! It's really fast AND sometimes Ben wins (that's why he likes it). So we like to play a round anytime we have some down time.

Last night my (newly engaged sister) Haley and her fiancee Greg came over and we taught them how to play the game. Haley's pretty fast at coming up with four letter words, it must have something to do with teaching first grade :). Ben also learned how to play Rook (a family favorite). Now he wants to get some cards so he can practice.

Although I have less time to do things during the week because of student teaching, I have more time on Saturdays now that I don't have homework (this is a weird adjustment. I could potentially have hobbies...). Because of my student status I have been putting off giving our house a good cleaning. So Saturday morning Ben and I "deep cleaned" (I have to use that word correctly, right Mom?) the kitchen. We were so proud of ourselves we took a picture:

Also, one day last week I was having a bad day (more like the WHOLE week, really). Aren't we glad for understanding husbands? He went and bought me beautiful flowers. Thanks Ben for putting up with my Flake moodiness.

Have a great week!


  1. The kitchen looks great! And, yes, it is fun to finally have time to develop hobbies. I have enjoyed that the past year.

    Also, go Ben for buying those flowers; they're beautiful.

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations, Haley!
    Good choice with the flowers, Ben. So pretty.

  3. If you like Scrabble slam, you should try Quiddler.

  4. We were just thinking about getting Scrabble Slam...good to know you liked it :)

  5. Hey Ashley! Just found your blog...good to "see" you!

  6. So we bought this game because we had a coupon - total: 54 cents. Pretty sweet deal. We'll play when you guys come!