Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We went on a beautiful walk around Utah Lake on Sunday afternoon.

Fall was in full bloom around the lake

The following pictures were taken with self timers on the Provo trail.

Look at the beautiful yellow color in this one!
Here's the Provo River where we took our Halloween cruise. So pretty!

Pumpkin carving! Here's Ben with our beautiful pumpkin

We used a design we found online- something I've never done before. I traced it on the pumpkin, but it was Ben's steady hand who cut it out. I'd never have enough patience for that!

The finished product. It's the grim reaper, complete with a scented candle. It may be scary but it smells good!

Mom Dilsaver sent us this really cute package for Halloween. Thanks Mom!
Have a happy Halloween!


  1. Great photos! You don't even need a photographer, just the self timer. Your pumpkin is too scary, check out ours (on our blog).

  2. We used to love the Provo River trail. Now we have the Rio Grande, but it's not quite as well kept. Take advantage of it while you have it!

  3. I like the pics - although I would have picked the one with you guys standing by the lake for the top photo. What a nice mother-in-law! Your pumpkin was "quite adequate!" You're lucky Austin didn't submit a pumpkin this year.

  4. I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to see the Grim Reaper in your pumpkin design


  5. Hey! Great pictures!! Why didn't you guys tell me you had a blog? Now that I know I'll become a frequent visitor