If you aren't familiar with my family, here's what you need to know:


              Ashley & Ben   Cheyenne, 8.5       Delaney, 7     Ephraim 5.5,   Frank 3, Gretchen 3 months

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In my family I have 10 brothers and sisters (yes, we are all from the same two wonderful parents!)
Mom & Dad-- live in Idaho
Joel-- Married to Melanie, 7 kids, lives in Idaho
Sarah-- Married to Matt, 6 kids, lives in West Virginia
Justin-- Married to Kelsey, 4 kids, lives in Montana
Heather-- Married to Austin, 6 kids, lives in Colorado
Bethany-- Married to Paul, 5 kids, lives in Utah
Haley-- Married to Greg, 4 kids, lives in Idaho
Whitney-- Married to Adam, 2 kids, lives in Texas 
Ashley-- Married to Ben, 5 kids, lives in Indiana
Derek-- Married to Clara, 3 kids, lives in Pennsylvania
Dillon-- Married to Emily, 2 kids, lives in Utah
Cassidy-- Married to Spencer, 1 kid, lives in Utah

Ben's family

Mom & Dad Dilsaver in Ohio
Dannielle-- Married to Jordan, 2 kids, lives in Ohio
Joseph-- Married to Christine, 4 kids, lives in California
Ben-- Married to Ashley, 5 kids, lives in Indiana
Sam--married to Michelle, 3 kids, lives in Ohio