Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The cosmos and a tiny person

It's amazing to me how babies grow.

Babies start out almost animal-like in their behavior. Even their cries are animalistic-- the kids love to tell me that Gretchen sounds like a little kitten when she cries. There's little human connection as a mother works to fulfill her baby's basic needs-- food, sleep, shelter. But eventually these tiny animals turn into something we recognize. As I compare her to Frank, in less than three years he has a complete personality with likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. It's amazing to think that all of that information is packed into a tiny human like Gretchen, written onto her DNA. 

Every time I give birth I'm amazed to think that a fully formed human was inside of my body, down to the fingernails and not a toenail missing on her ten perfectly formed toes. It always has the profound effect of reminding me that there is a God in Heaven.

With the news of the first picture of a black hole I've been pondering over the vastness of the universe. The one question that can't be answered is why. Why does the universe exist.

"Scientists focus on how and what and when. Nevertheless, some of them acknowledge the puzzlement over why. Hawking said: “Although science may solve the problem of how the universe began, it cannot answer the question: Why does the universe bother to exist? I don’t know the answer to that.” 
“Science . . . is concerned with the what, when, and how. It does not, and indeed cannot, answer within its method (powerful as that method is), why.”" Elder Neal A. Maxwell

There is a why to it all. Every cosmos and every perfectly formed baby points back to a Creator.

"The most phenomenal occurrences of all time and eternity—the most amazing wonders, the most astounding, awesome developments—are the most common and widely recognized....The healing of the withered hand is not nearly as amazing as the existence of the hand in the first place.The greater event is not in its healing but in its creation." Elder Lawrence Corbridge

What's more amazing than advances in medical technology or complex computer algorithms capturing black holes across the universe is the fact that we exist. It's the fact that we even have hands. It's the fact that we can think and act for ourselves and grow and develop and do have personalities. Our Creator, Our Father is real. There is a God in Heaven.

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  1. Beautifully put and so profound. I am so glad you appreciate all of this and point it out to us so tenderly.