Friday, March 8, 2019

February Days

Daddy Daughter Dance aka "Primary Prom" at the school

Cheyenne at school with her good friend Abby

 Ben and I got to go into Cheyenne's class for her "special person day."

Such a sweet picture

If she looks sick-- she was! She threw up right after this picture

Cute Baby G!

Delaney reading books to the boys. Such a sweet sight!

Me and my friends

Making a snowman and...

drinking hot chocolate with Dad

Growing a baby

Loved this thought from my friend Lynette

This kid is trying to potty train himself while I am 8 months pregnant which is crazy. But he did get m&m's as a reward

Messy gross kitchen. Someday I won't be pregnant and have a crazy 2.5 year old!

One of my most used apps is the 'Find Friends' app on the iphone. It's like Harry Potter's maurader's map. My favorite is when Ben's dot and my dot are in the same place!

A sweet paper from Delaney for Martin Luther King Day

Frank reading his favorite book, No David. Don't let the scowl food you, he loves this book!

Delaney playing with Frank (who has the phone)

Oh my handsome!

A giant pink sugar cookie/tart for Valentine's Day

Doing hair in the morning

Flake jokes on the back of Cornflakes never get old.

Going to a ball. Delaney was pretending to be a ghost-- not sure why.

Frank likes to dress himself these days. His clothes are usually on backwards (and in this case, inside out).

Took this guy to his heart appointment. Always so grateful for his good health!

Another fort from the boys

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