Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Entering the world

I've been thinking lately as I've neared the end of this pregnancy how service is built-in in the way we enter this world.

God didn't intend for us to enter this world alone. The sacrifice of a mother is required for anyone to live in this world.

The longer I live the more I see this distinct world-order of the Lord's that is counter-intuitive to our society's but is very much alive and real. The Lord intended our whole lives to be filled with sacrifice. Not because he wanted us to suffer, but because we wanted us to truly live. To see and experience the joy He feels. He sacrificed his very life so that we can be forgiven of sins. When you want to use His power on earth, you have to use it with the intent to bless others. You can't give yourself the sacrament, or give yourself a blessing. He's always intended that our needs be met through other people, that we are inter-connected and rely on each other. It's not a sign of our own weakness, but an opportunity to learn what He lived, to become what He has become.

You can only become like Him by living as he lived, a life in the service of others. I can start by being the conduit for one more precious soul to come down to this Earth. He made us spiritually alive, I can give the gift of physical life to one more precious daughter of God.


  1. You testify so beautifully. Of things I know, but in angles I haven’t always thought through as thoroughly as you. Thank you for being such an example!

  2. I'm reading this the day after you gave birth to Gretchen!