Wednesday, February 13, 2019

January Days

A Saturday snow day breakfast

Sledding at the one hill in our whole town on the snow day!

Cheyenne and Delaney did a dance with their school

Playing dolls with Delaney on a Sunday night

Most Saturdays Ben makes pancakes for the kids while I sleep in. He likes to make them VERY bright and colorful lol! The kids love it.

We've been having some crazy weather lately. One day it was raining like crazy, and the next day it all froze. So we had a homemade ice rink! The kids have absolutely loved it!

Ephraim, especially, LOVES the ice



This was before the weather turned to THIS-- windchill of -43 degrees. Crazy! They cancelled school for two days and Ben worked from home one of those days. It was too cold to go outside!

 Delaney's been getting some new teeth

Although at one point she had THREE front teeth. We thought it was pretty funny because this is the same girl that hasn't had front teeth for the past three years (Cheyenne knocked them out accidentally when Delaney was 3).

A really really good taco pizza from a pizza place here in town.

Frank has stopped taking naps but on very rare occasions-- he just gets too tired to move! Ha!

MLK, Jr. Day we went down to the Indianapolis Children's Museum for free day

They have an indoor carousel

When you're a little boy with older sisters.... I must day we did this to my little brother when he was little too!

7 inches of snow and church was cancelled. Our plow guy hadn't plowed the parking lot!

Two cute girls waiting for the bus

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  1. I loved reading this update, Ashley! That taco pizza looks so delicious. I love Frank’s nap location. So funny about your girls dressing him up. We used to do that with my little brother. It sounds freezing out there. I forget that it is winter in other parts of the country. I hope you’re doing well. Can’t wait to hear about the new baby!