Friday, January 25, 2019


Old Man Winter came to visit us

And I think he's here to stay awhile. 

One thing that excites me to the core is to take a walk in the woods with nobody around but me, my camera, and the freshly fallen snow. I almost feel duty-bound to capture something so beautiful, a gift from our Heavenly Father. Aren't we lucky to live in this amazing world?!

Winter and snow bring with it its own set of challenges. School gets canceled or delayed, the roads are slippery, and the store is harder to get to. These challenges have allowed me to see how blessed my regular life is. Regularly, my children get to learn and grow 9 months out of the year at a public school. Regularly I don't even think about what a blessing dry and safe roads are. Regularly I take the fact that I can go to the store with no trouble at all for granted. It's the same opportunity we have each time we get sick: now we can recognize what a blessing it is that we are typically healthy the majority of the year! Opposition is what allows to feel joy. 

And while having the kids home is quite a feat lately for this pregnant lady, I couldn't help but see what a blessing it has been in the monotony that usually consumes my life in January and drags me down. Everyday was a surprise. And that is a great way to speed up a month I've typically found hard to endure! Thank you God!

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  1. Ohhhhhhh my those first photos were divine Ashley! Sooo pretty with Bokeh too!