Tuesday, January 8, 2019

December Days

This is at We Care Park, a park here in Kokomo that does amazing light displays around Christmas

We started out the month with a very special girl's baptism. 

My friend and I had a combined baptism for our girls, so it was fun to join in some of her traditions. Ben cut me out a wooden 8 and I made a photo collage of Cheyenne. It turned out super cute!

My friend also has a tradition of CTR cookies for the baptism. They also turned out adorable!

Ben's sister's family and his parents were able to come for the baptism

Cheyenne got to wear her cousin Natalie's (in this picture) baptism dress so that was extra special.

We were so grateful for all the people who were able to be a part of this special day for our family!

I made buckeyes for the boys' preschool teachers. I bought these super cute boxes at Dollar General. It was my first time making buckeyes and they turned out so yummy!

Frank and I missed the program because Frank was sick. But Ephraim sure does look cute!

 Here is a funny somewhat irreverent story about Delaney. Ben said as they were saying the closing prayer at the preschool program, Delaney raced out of the room. When Ben found her she was sitting on Santa's lap. Apparently she had a few things she needed to discuss with him and wanted to make sure she was first in line! 

Ben was in charge of buying the hams for our church Christmas party. That is a lot of hams!

Our ward party was Grinch-themed.

Cheyenne got to be part of the shot Grinch play at the party

Delaney crashed my friend Fran's family picture

Some people that I love, the Dwigans'

Another person we love, Becky Marler

My good friend Sarah and her husband Andrew

One thing we really look forward to all year is that at Christmastime Ben gets a bunch of time off. We feel so blessed to get to spend so much time with him. Here he had a chance to take the boys to the park.

He took the older kids ice skating. Our town just opened a seasonal outdoor skating rink!

The annual cousins sleepover with Ben's family!

A friend gave us this cool Christmas candle. The kids love it!

She offered to watch the boys one morning, and since Ben didn't have to work that day we went out to breakfast! It's so fun to spend time with him.

One thing my parents always give the kids for their stockings is Wendy's gift cards. It's pretty fun because you always know you'll be going to Wendy's over Christmas break. Thanks Mom & Dad!

I wanted to remember that my kids were really into the Santa Tracker website this year

Frank learned how to open the window in his room. Naughty, naughty.

Frank's preschool door. How cute is that?!

Delaney got some hand-me-down clothes from my sister Sarah's daughters, and she was a sparkle queen! Sparkly shirt, sparkly skirt, sparkly leggings and a gold bow. And she was SURE she was going to be to coolest girl at school with her new jean jacket. Ha!

Delaney made this after FHE one day about the Word of Wisdom

I thought this was pretty (or creepy?) a reflection of our tree on our kitchen window at night.

More forts from the boys. Frank tells me it's their "sekit hideout" (secret hideout). It makes my heart so happy when the boys play together (because they don't always play together!).

After Christmas we went on a short little trip to Frankenmuth, MI, a little German town, to check it out.

We thought this was so funny. Our kids love to say "Pretty please with cheese" when they want something, and a few years ago they upped the ante and would start saying, Pretty please with chocolate cheese?" which I always thought was ridiculous. But!! Apparently there IS chocolate cheese!

We loved this German clock shoppe!

Isn't their 'open' sign fun?

My parents have one of these!

This is at the fudge making factory. They pour the hot fudge on these marble slabs. Pretty cool

We stopped at this gorgeous German Lutheran church. It was beautiful! 

 It makes you grateful for people in the past who have taken such pains to make such beauty!

On our way out of town we stopped at this HUGE Christmas store just to look around. I was loving these laser-cut wood things. It's apparently a very German thing.