Thursday, December 20, 2018

Validation, Your Gifts, and Serving the Lord

Are you one of those people who lives for a compliment? I used to be. I used to interact with people and wonder, "Do they think I'm awesome? Do they think I'm doing everything right?" I wanted to be the awesomest, "right-est" person they knew.

I needed validation that I was making a difference in others' lives. But as I've gotten older that need for validation has been slowly crumbling. I've become more confident about who I am and who's judgment I care the most about. As I've gotten older I'm not trying to figure out who I am, because now I know who I am. Now, I can get to work.

I have a gift of being warm and kind. Yes, there are a lot of people who are warmer and kinder than I am, but there are plenty of people around me everyday who need warmth and kindness. I can provide that.

I am a concerned older sister. Yes, there are other people out there who are better at being an older sister than I am, or would even make a better older sister for my specific siblings. But I love my siblings, and everyone could use more love and support in their life.

I am good with numbers and spreadsheets. Yes, there are lots of people out there who are better with numbers than I am. But there are companies and people out there right now who can use the skills I have.

God needs hands in this world. People who are willing to put aside their shortcomings, people who will step up and say, "I will serve you, Lord. Use what I have."

"As we become less concerned about our service magnifying us, we realize instead that the focus of our service will be on putting God first. When He takes the preeminent position in our lives by our deliberate choice, then He is able to bless our actions to our good and to the good of others." --Sister Joy D. Jones

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